Fishing Knots 101


THE UNI KNOT.  Many say the Uni Knot is the ONLY knot you'll ever need.  Check out this video tutorial from The Saltwater Experience.

Learn an awesome way to tie the Clinch knot and Fish-Killer knot for Fly Fishing.

This video shows how to tie a popular loop knot for fishing called the "Rapala Knot", which is a very popular loop knot for angler around the world.

A hybrid Clinch & Palomar knot with added security of a double overhand created the strongest and most reliable fishing knot.
Step by step close-up instructions with tips & tricks.

Tarpon World Fishing show you how to tie one of their favorite loop knots - the Perfection Loop.

This video shows you how to tie the FG KNOT the quickest way possible. This knot has proven to be the STRONGEST & SMALLEST braid to leader knot they've ever tested.