Dear Friends at Discount Tackle:

Thank you for the WONDERFUL FISHING TACKLE that you donated to use for our 3rd annual children's fishing contest.  It made many children very happy!

The kids rigged lines, baited hooks, untangled lines, and removed hooks from fish.  Quite a few fish were caught; and the message to the children concerned environmental conservation - especially in returning the fish to the water as carefully as possible.

Please accept my sincerest thanks for helping us and for making many of our neighborhoods' children very happy.  Neither you, nor I will ever know the effect this one day of fishing may have had in positively structuring the lives of these children, but I do know events like these are more significant than we may think. 

Thankfully and respectfully yours,

Dr. William J. Dell, President, North Oaks Estates, Homeowners Association

"Thank You Discount Tackle Outlet"

"Thank You Discount Tackle Outlet"

Dr. William J. Dell, President, North Oaks Estates Homeowners Association